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The webpage and the using of it are subject to the below-mentioned terms & conditions. The customer agrees to the terms & conditions by using this webpage and it is the customer’s responsibility to regularly check our terms & conditions page for any updates that might affect them. The customer’s statutory rights remain unchanged and these terms & conditions serve merely to compliment them and clarify any uncertainty arising as a result of their interpretation. 

1.1 We reserve the right to withdraw access of this website and its services without any prior notice. Arabella di Canti Ltd. cannot be held liable for restricting the access to this website or parts of it for a definite or indefinite period of time. 

1.2 Arabella di Canti Ltd does not accept any responsibly for the management and information displayed in any other websites, including any links the customer may find on our website as well as any damage arising as a result of using such websites. Please check these websites’ terms & conditions for more information.

Enforcement & Breach of These Terms & Conditions: 

2.1 On the occasion that you are in breach of our Terms & Conditions and we take the decision not to act upon this, we reserve the right to enforce our Terms & Conditions on other occasions when you are in breach of these. 
2.2 These Terms & Conditions and the contract between Arabella di Canti Ltd and our customers are governed by the jurisdiction of the English Courts. 
2.3 These Terms & Conditions serve to present the entire agreement between Arabella di Canti Ltd. and all of our customers. Any waivers need to be agreed in writing and authorised by a director of the company.  

Anybody using our website agrees to indemnify Arabella di Canti Ltd for any damage caused to our staff or directors as a result of breaching our Terms & Conditions.


Sensitive Information & Our Privacy Policy: 
4.1 At Arabella di Canti Ltd we aim to collect as little sensitive information about our customers as possible. In view of protecting our customers’ privacy, we do not disclose any sensitive information to any other third parties with the exception of service providers requiring such information in order to complete our contractual agreement with our customers. Examples include but are not limited to carrying out credit and security checks, arranging for deliveries and customer research. Our full privacy policy, complementing these Terms & Conditions can be found here

4.2. We reserve the right to transfer and/or store your information outside the EEA (European Economic Area). Your information can be processed by our staff or suppliers outside the EEA. Such information may include, but is not limited to, the fulfilment of your order, the processing of payments and provision of supporting

services. We aim to provide secure transmission of your information via the Internet, however, we cannot guarantee that it will be completely safe. Any transmission of data to our website is at customers’ own risk. Once received, your data will be protected using strict security measures to ensure unauthorised access is not gained. 

4.3 Arabella di Canti Ltd will not sell any of our customers’ personal details to any third parties without our customers’ prior agreement to this. However, using the services of any of our partners for the completion of the contract between us and our customers may allow such third parties to be in touch with our customers in accordance with GDPR legislation. 

4.4 By creating a profile and/or placing an order with Arabella di Canti Ltd, you agree that we can, from time to time, send you our latest offers and promotional events. You may also be given the opportunity to receive such communication from our partners. All customers have the right to unsubscribe from our newsletter. To do this, follow the link at the end of our promotional emails. On the rare and unfortunate occasion that your unsubscription is not successful, please email us at requesting to unsubscribe. 

4.5 Once registered with Arabella di Canti, your browser will store a small file, which will enable our website to be loaded on your browser much quicker. Such files are called cookies and they hold a small amount of data stored on one’s device. The data held is specific to a particular customer and website and can be accessed by the web server or alternatively, you can change your browser settings to ask for your permission before accepting cookies. Our full Cookie Policy can be accessed here. We advise you read it carefully, as it forms a vital part of these

Terms & Conditions. 
4.6 We reserve the right to use your personal information to conduct security checks with the aim of preventing fraud. This may include disclosing your personal information to a fraud prevention or credit reference agency. Such third parties may keep a record of your information. The purpose of this may solely be to establish your identity and a credit check will not be performed on your behalf, your credit score will remain unaffected. 

4.7 We reserve the right to disclose your personal information to our sister companies or any third parties. Examples include, but are not limited to: if Arabella di Canti Ltd is sold or acquired by a third party, or, if we are required by law, or while enforcing our T&Cs, or in view of protecting the property, safety or rights of Arabella di Canti Ltd. and/or our customers. This may include, sharing your information with fraud prevention or credit risk reduction companies. 
4.8 On the occasion that you wish to verify the details you have submitted to, you can contact us via email on to do so. Prior to revealing any information, we may ask for proof of your identity in the form of your email address and delivery address. We strongly advise you keep such information safe, as Arabella di Canti Ltd takes no responsibility, if someone else has access to such information and we act upon that person’s request as a result of your personal details being misused. We recommend you remain vigilant in using your browser’s login memory function.

4.9 All customers have the right to gain access to any personal information we hold about them in accordance with The Data Protection Act (1998). On the occasion that Arabella di Canti Ltd incurs any costs in providing our customers with such information (as per their request), we reserve the right to transfer any such costs to the customer requesting the information. Any customer feedback or request is welcome. Customers can email us at

5.1 Any misuse of this website is forbidden and considered illegal and that includes but is not limited to:  
5.2 Encouraging criminal offences; 
5.3 Distribution of viruses or any other malicious programmes; 
5.4 Hacking into the servic data; 
5.5 Causing annoyance or offence to others; 
5.6 Infringing of the rights and/or property of others; 
5.7 Distributing spam emails;
Breach of the above is considered a Criminal Offence according to the Computer Misuse Act (1990). Any breach of the Computer Misuse Act will be duly reported to the authorities and so will the perpetrator’s personal details. Arabella di Canti Ltd will not be liable for any damage caused to you as result of any viruses or harmful programmes that may infect your device or its programmes and data when using this website, download any information from it, or follow any links on it.

Intellectual Property of Arabella di Canti Ltd.:
You are not permitted to use or display any information made available to you on this website unless it is for personal use only. All copy rights are reserved by Arabella Di Canti Ltd. The use of any information on this website for other businesses is strictly forbidden. 

Terms of Sale: 
    7.1 All orders placed are subject to our Terms & Conditions which form the contract between Arabella di Canti Ltd and the customer. The price of an item is confirmed at checkout and only after confirmation of an order, a contract between the two parties comes into place. 
7.2 Arabella di Canti Ltd reserves the right to terminate the contract between the two parties after confirmation of an order and refund the customer in full.
7.3 We aim to give our customers a timeframe of 3-5 Business Days for UK Mainland orders placed by 12pm. However, please note, this timeframe is a guideline only and at busy times the dispatch and delivery times may take longer.
7.4 By placing an order with us, you confirm you are of legal age to enter into a binding contract. Orders will not be processed until payment is received in full and, once processed, we are unable to make any changes to an order. 
7.5 We reserve the right to refuse any requests made to us by customers. Once your order is accepted, you will be made aware of this via email to confirm the other party in the contract you are entering into. This party will always be Arabella di Canti. Ltd. By entering into a contract with Arabella di Canti Ltd.,  you confirm that all details you provide us with are true and accurate to your knowledge, that you are authorised to use the credit/debit card you make payments with, and that you have sufficient funds to pay for your purchase.  
7.6 Once an order has been placed, you will receive an automated email, which only serves to confirm receipt of your order and not acceptance of your order. Only after you have been notified of the dispatch of your order and all payments have been deducted, both parties are considered to have entered into a contractual agreement.
7.7 We do our best to ensure all information and pricing on our website is correct and up to date. However, on the occasion that we find that the displayed price and/or descriptions are inaccurate, we reserve the right to cancel your order and issue you with a full refund or offer you an alternative. On the occasion that we are unable to contact you to offer you an alternative, we may decide to automatically cancel your order and refund you in full. Unless otherwise stated, delivery charges are not included in your price and are paid for separately.
7.8 Each time you place an order with us, we carry out checks to ensure there are sufficient funds in your card to complete your purchase. Once these checks have been successful, we can dispatch your order. Your card will then be debited.
7.9 As exchange rates are determined by your bank, the rates shown on our website may sometimes slightly differ. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. You will always be charged in GBP when shopping on our website. Please note, any further charges such as customs fees, duty and any other taxes are at customer’s responsibility to cover.  
7.10 It is customers’ responsibility to ensure all the information provided is correct and specifically the delivery address. Once an order is submitted, we are unable to change any of its details.  
7.11 In the unfortunate event that your order is delayed or our delivery partner has failed to deliver your order for reasons outside of our control, Arabella di Canti Ltd. cannot be held liable. Further information on our Delivery Policy, forming part of these Terms & Conditions can be found here. Arabella di Canti Ltd. takes no responsibility if you request that your order/parcel is left in a safe place and it subsequently disappears. No refunds can be issued in such circumstances.
7.12 We may occasionally have special offers, entitling customers to a discount when using a promo code. Please note, all promo codes provided by Arabella di Canti can only be used for placing orders on
Customers can redeem their promo code by entering it in the relevant box during the check-out process.
Unless otherwise stated, customers can only use one discount code per order and in some cases only use a discount code once.
All promo codes have an expiry date. Once this date has passed, promo codes cannot be redeemed. 
Promo Codes expiry dates are as follows:
- Subscription/First Purchase Promo Code - expiry 14 Days after receipt; 
On the occasion that a customer has been provided with a unique personal promo code, and this code is misplaced or lost, we are unable to reissue customers with a replacement code.
We reserve the right to cancel or modify a promo code as a result of any technical issues we may be experiencing with our website including any malicious activity. We reserve the right to discontinue an offer or discount at any time prior to an order having been confirmed, if we have a reason to do so.
Discount codes cannot be redeemed against previous orders and/or used when purchasing gift cards.

Changes to Our Website:
We reserve the right to change any page of our website as we see fit without any prior notice. 

Amendments to our Terms & Conditions:
We reserve the right to amend our Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. We may also decide to discontinue any promotional offers due to, but not limited to, force majeure circumstances such as, but not limited to: Act of God, civil unrest or severe weather conditions.


Accuracy of Information & Liability in Connection to the Use of This Website:  
    10.1 We cannot provide any guarantee to the accuracy of the information displayed on this website. Arabella di Canti Ltd. and all our partners exclude all terms implied by statute and cannot be held responsible for any damages or loss directly or indirectly resulting out of the use, inability to use or the improper use of this website or any websites linked to it. Arabella di Canti Ltd remains liable for any matter which cannot be excluded or limited according to the relevant laws.
     10.2 Unless with prior permission, you are not allowed to link this website or create any association of it with sources that may damage our reputation and we are in no way associated with. We reserve the right to withdraw at any time, without an explanation given, any permission given to link our website.
   10.3 Any third party trade marks, brands, locations or pictures shown on this website, unless otherwise stated, cannot be associated with Arabella di Canti Ltd.

Unexpected Issues Not Covered by These Terms & Conditions: 
     11.1 On the occasion that these Terms & Conditions do not cover an issue, or part of an issue that has arisen, our Terms & Conditions are still to remain in force and unaffected.
      11.2 On the occasion that part of our Terms & Conditions is problematic due to unforeseen circumstances, the remainder of our Terms & Conditions remains unchanged. Only the problematic part in question will be rectified in a way that as much as possible resembles the original.

  1. Complaints Procedure:
    Any complaints can be submitted to us on We kindly advise that you notify us as soon as an issue has arisen so we can rectify it as soon as possible.

Payment Methods:
We accept card payments as well as payments via Paypal. On the occasion that Paypal is used as a payment method, Paypal terms & conditions apply in addition to the above-stated terms & conditions. More information could be found on their website.  

Clearpay lends you a fixed amount of credit to allow you to pay for your purchase over 4 instalments, due every two weeks. To be eligible for credit from Clearpay, you must be a permanent UK resident (excl Channel Islands), aged 18+. Further eligibility criteria and T&Cs apply. Clearpay Finance Ltd. Make sure you can make your repayments on time by each due date to avoid late fees. Not paying on time will lead to a late fee of £6 and, if your order is worth more than £24, a further late fee of £6 if it is still overdue after 7 days. The total amount of late fees you may be charged will depend on your order value. If you fail to pay on time, your Clearpay debt may be passed to a debt collection agency and this may affect your ability to use Clearpay in future. We encourage you to use Clearpay responsibly. 


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